Festival Guide

  1. Challenge 25 operates on all gates as well as all bars. If you are fortunate enough to look under the age of the 25, you will be required to provide ID that proves your age. If you cannot provide ID, you will be refused entry into the festival site.
  2. Accepted ID includes; photographic driving license, a passport & PASS hologram proof of age card. Photocopies will not be accepted.
  3. NML 2018 will be an 18+ only event

There is a limit to the amount of alcohol you can bring on site. You may bring up to 12 440ml cans of lager, beer or cider or 6L of larger or cider in plastic bottles or a 3L box of wine. Spirits are not allowed. You may bring this with you on arrival to the festival only. There is no re-entry with alcohol. The license states that no glass is to be brought into site for safety reasons. No opened plastic bottles can be brought on to site – you can bring sealed bottles of water or soft drinks. Any opened bottles will be confiscated on entry to the festival

  • Those people too inebriated will be refused more alcohol.
  • Those causing trouble because of drunkenness will be ejected.
  • Those arriving too drunk will be refused entry.
  • An over 18 ID policy will be implemented. Only photo ID will be accepted : Passport, Photo driving licence. No ID No sale!

Our policy on drugs is based on three core messages:

  • Prevention
  • Drug dealers and abusers
  • Welfare and treatment


As organisers of No Man’s Land we do not condone the dealing in or use of illegal drugs on site. Drug enforcement laws are as applicable on site as any where else in the country.

All those attending the site will be asked to submit to a search and if found in possession will be refused entry. An amnesty bin will be available at the entrance.

Those found in possession on site will have their drugs confiscated by Security and ejected from the site, if found to have large amounts they will be detained and reported to the police. Experimenting with drugs can lead to adverse reactions. The crowds at a Festival can become very frightening and disorientating. If you do take drugs and you become ill, depressed or frightened please ask a steward to direct you to one of the first aid posts or a security guard on site where you can receive help.

Drug Dealers and Abusers

No Man’s Land security and stewards will take an active role monitoring for drug dealing and will work in full co-operation with the Constabulary. When there is a strong suspicion of drug dealing, No Man’s Land Security will inform and assist the Constabulary in every way possible. No Man’s Land will evict and hold these persons strongly suspected of drug dealing and channel these evictions via the police for searching prior to eviction.

Welfare and Treatment

No Man’s Land Security are trained in emergency first aid and are fully informed about the welfare facilities on site.

Facilities and Services

  • Porta Loos
  • Urinals
  • Drinking water points


There will be a large variety of carefully selected scrummy food options throughout the festival site to cater for every taste from organic to vegetarian to gourmet. You will not be disappointed when it’s time to feast!


Bars and cafes are available throughout the festival site supplying a variety of delicious hot & cold beverages to keep you all refreshed at very reasonable prices too!

Festival Stalls

There will be a varied selection of exquisite arts and crafts for sale ranging from vintage clothing to handmade jewellery or if you feel like getting into the spirit of things there will be fancy dress clothing available too!

The main gates will open 10am to 10pm (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) with the main arena opening at 12 -  3am Friday and Saturday, 12 - 11 on Sunday. The site must be vacated by 12pm Monday 18th June. 

Main stages opening times:

  • Friday 12pm-3am
  • Saturday 12pm-3am
  • Sunday 12pm-11pm

*Please note the main gate will be closed each night from 10pm-10am


  • Your valid e-ticket print out – You will also be required to bring ID to be admitted to No Man’s Land Festival.
  • A valid car park ticket – Please have ready to hand in at the car park entrance.
  • Money. If taking a purse/wallet, remember to empty it of everything you don’t need before leaving.
  • Plastic container to carry water, there are drinking water pipes on site but remember: no glass containers!
  • Sunscreen/hat/glasses (there isn’t much shade in the arena).
  • Thick jacket/sweatshirt/fleece (the sun may be beaming but it gets cold at night).
  • Waterproof jacket (we pray for sun, but you never know).
  • Trainers/boots/wellies (ones you don’t mind getting grubby).
  • Sandals (leave the heels at home girls, fields and heels don’t mix).
  • Fun camera (take one that you don’t mind if you happen to lose).
  • Bin Liners for your rubbish (help keep No Man’s Land tidy!).

Protect Your Hearing

Have you thought about protecting your hearing? Visit www.dontlosethemusic.com to find out how to protect your hearing.

What Not To Bring To The Festival

  • ANIMALS. They are not permitted at No Man’s Land Festival.
  • AIR HORNS. They are not permitted, for the sanity of those around you.
  • FIREWORKS. They are illegal. Any fireworks found on entry search and thereafter will be confiscated.
  • CANDLES. They’re not permitted, for your safety. Bring a torch and a good supply of batteries.
  • GLASS. Please only use plastic containers.
  • CAMPING STOVES. They are not permitted anywhere on site.
  • CHINESE STYLE LANTERNS. They’re not permitted due to the number of trees and possible dry weather.
  • DO NOT bring anything that could be interpreted as an offensive weapon, i.e. a multi purpose style tool that contains a knife, mallet, etc, as they will be confiscated and held at Festival Welfare.
  • ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. It is a condition of entry on our licence that you allow yourself and your belongings to be searched by the Police or Security. They will carry out random searches when you are entering the festival campsite and arena. Do not attempt to bring in illegal substances as you stand a very real chance of being caught.
  • SOUND SYSTEMS. Leave them at home, we have plenty in the main arena!
  • BBQ’s or FIRES. They are not permitted anywhere on site.
  1. Right of admission to No Man’s Land is reserved and you must produce a valid ticket to gain entry to the festival site.
  2. This ticket is non-transferable and there will be no refunds for tickets for any reason whatsoever other than in the event of the cancellation of the event.
  3. Tickets are in the form of entry codes; once an entry code is spent it cannot be used again.
  4. The artist and performer line-up and all billed attractions may be subject to change at any time without notice.
  5. In order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all guests the organisers and Premises Licence Holder reserve the right to refuse admission and refund the ticket value in the event of such refusal.
  6. Admission is at the ticket holder’s own risk. The organisers and Premises Licence Holder will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the unforeseeable actions of other patrons or third parties.
  7. No Man’s Land can only verify the authenticity of tickets purchased direct from The Ticket Sellers.  We do not recommend buying tickets from other third party sources as we cannot ensure these tickets are genuine.  Invalid or duplicate entry codes will not be allowed entry into the festival site.
  8. In the event of cancellation of the festival, only the face value of the ticket will be refunded and not the booking fee. Please note each ticket purchase maybe subject to an administration fee.
  9. You may be searched at the entrance. Any items which the organiser consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner shall be confiscated and you will not be permitted entry to the festival site.
  10. No Man’s Land have an Anti Drugs Policy.  No legal highs or illegal substances may be brought to the festival site, including nitrous oxide.  Anyone caught in possession of such substances can be refused entry or ejected immediately from the festival site.
  11. No Man’s Land has a zero tolerance policy regarding the possession, use or sale of Nitrous Oxide.  If you are caught at the entrance gate with any amount of Nitrous Oxide, balloons or dispensers, you will be asked to put them into the amnesty bin or you will be refused entry on to site. If you are caught with Nitrous Oxide on site it will be confiscated or you will be immediately ejected.
  12. No Man’s Land has a zero tolerance policy regarding spray cans and markers pens.  If you are caught trying to bring these prohibited items on to site, you will be refused entry.  If you are caught with these items on site, you will be immediately ejected.
  13. Prohibited items include, knives, fireworks, explosives, smoke canisters, air horns, flares, weapons, laser devices, sky lanterns, sound systems, glass and legal highs will be confiscated from attendees if found.
  14. Strictly no trading or other commercial activity by any ticket holder will be allowed on the festival site without the organisers’ prior written consent.
  15. Wristbands removed from the wrist or tampered with will be rendered invalid and will not be replaced. Lost or missing wristbands will not be replaced. Those without wristbands will be refused admission to the site and/or will be removed from the site.
  16. As a condition of sale, the ticket holder consents to being filmed, photographed and recorded for Television, radio, webcast and other public broadcast and/or for any video or DVD as part of the audience and/or by onsite CCTV cameras and recordings for security purposes.
  17. Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion whether commercial or non-commercial without prior written permission of the event organisers.
  18. There is a limit to the amount of alcohol you can bring on site.  You may bring up to 12 440ml cans of lager/cider/beer or a 3-litre box of wine or 6 litres of cider/lager/beer, in plastic bottles.   Spirits are not allowed.   You may bring this with you on arrival to the festival only.   There is no re-entry with alcohol.  The license states that no glass is to be brought onto site for safety reasons.  No opened plastic bottles can be brought on to site – you can bring sealed plastic bottles of water or soft drinks.  Any opened bottles will be confiscated on entry to the festival.
  19. Strictly no animals (with the exception of Guide dogs) will be allowed on the site.
  20. If you are caught urinating or defecating in places other than a toilet, you will also be ejected from the festival.
  21. If you look under the age of the 25, you will be required to provide ID that proves your age.  If you cannot provide ID to prove your age, you will be refused alcohol from the bar. Accepted ID includes; photographic driving license, a passport & PASS hologram proof of age card.   Photocopies will not accepted.
  22. In accordance with Smoke Free Regulations, the tented arenas and other areas of the festival are designated No Smoking areas. Failure to comply with these regulations and event signage may result in ejection.
  23. If you have any disabled access requirements please email info@nomanslandfestival.co.uk access to facilities is subject to availability and not guaranteed. Anyone turning up on the day without making prior arrangements may not be able to access our facilities if they are full to capacity.

Festival Info