These Septic Stars

These Septic Stars are an experimental alternative 5 piece homegrown on the south coast of the United Kingdom. The 5 endeavour to create fusions of sound in their songwriting, sometimes being compared to the likes of Rage Against the Machine, Primus, Incubus and Limp Bizkit. 
Their instrumental sound is a blend of various metal stylings, heavy funk, energetic progressive structuring and finished off with electronic sampling to create a somewhat modern approach to alternative music. The vocal aspect of the band lays heavy with accent laced rap, higher tones and just enough screaming to keep things balanced through their take on alternative style.  
Over the past 4 years the band have seen multiple tours with live EDM Goliaths UKID, major UK festival appearances, countless support slots with major acts from across the globe and headline slots in notorious venues and clubs across the counties.  
While the band has released two EP's in this time, the future of the band is now being built with their debut album “They Were Already Dead When We Got Here”. The 12 track album boasts twists and turns throughout the record while keeping things wrapped in their familiar, distinctive sound. 
Utilising their experience gained within the live scene and professionally mastered musings, the guys now look to bring their offerings to a wider audience across the UK and ultimately, across the seas. Hailed as friendly, easy to work with, professional and passionately dynamic... These Septic Stars are just getting started...

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