The Midnight Choir

We are a 10 piece Jazz Funk and Latin influenced band that gets people dance in on their feet. Original members of the Bournemouth based band Pachango except 2 members, we have taken a year break to make new material with a more upbeat sound, which is a fusion of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latin with a cocktail of polyphonic melodies and rhythms. With original material presenting a diverse mix of rhythms, uplifting brass section, vibrant keys, and soulful lyrics, our soul intention is to deliver a distinctive multi-cultural sound to get the crowd on to their feet up and moving. Our music family includes: Arthur Rathbone – Keys, Sarah Hippi Wilson – vocals, Will Sharpe – Acoustic Guitar, Magnus Manson – Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Lee Hammond – Bass Guitar, Helen Kirby, Alto and Soprano Sax, Roland Horton, Flute and Tenor Sax, Sarah Kinsella – Trumpet, James Goff – Percussion, and welcomes new drummer Jon Picton – Drums. 

Fiddlers Den Line up