The Correspondents

The Correspondents consist of singer Mr Bruce and producer Chucks. Both growing up in South London, they formed in 2007 and within two years had taken their hi-octane genre-blending dance music from house parties to festival main stages.

The show that quickly established the duo as one of the best live acts in the UK (The Telegraph's top 10 Highlights of Glastonbury in two consecutive years) has the monochrome clad Mr Bruce singing with force, scatting at speed and dancing like his life depends on it while Chucks takes the audience on a journey through a multitude of genres from jazz and blues to the nether regions of electro and drum’n’bass.

Their music releases are just as varied in style and influence. Steve Lamaq says of their 2014 album Puppet Loosely Strung that "Every time I think I've deduced what they sound like they start sounding like something different". 2016 will see a flurry of new releases in the build up to their next album with the same smorgasbord of dancefloor friendly musical treats.

Aside from the music itself The Correspondents have become renowned for their videos that are consistently unique in aesthetic and pioneering in technique. The band are renound for making videos created by in-camera, hand made and analogue processes. These range from meticulously hand drawn animations by Mr Bruce himself or collaborations with Naren Wilks who invented a 'composite camera' technique to describe a space in which synchronised multiples exist in a rotationally symmetric, kaleidoscopic dimension! It won them a UK Music Video Award and Best Production at The Berlin Music Video Awards.

Recent developments have seen the duo expanding their live show to a include a full band with drummer, bassist and organist. And they have teamed up once again with director Naren Wilks to produce a mind-blowing composite camera audio-visual show.

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