Doubledrop was lucky to have been constantly involved in the party scene from a very early age, he was brought up listening to the acid house scene that dominated the late 80s early 90s. He was frowned upon in his younger years for always walking around with tape packs and big headphones on, that later changed as he became involved in the illegal rave scene back in 05 and found a passion for Hard Trance and Psy.
He soon became a household name in warehouse’s, barns and fields playing on soundsystems up and down the UK bringing his broad spectrum of musical knowledge to the table and using that to keep his sets so unpredictable and full on.
DoubleDrop then began playing for well known organisers from the likes of project storm, karma industries and surge soundsytems in the depths of the coven 2 in oxford and carbon nightclub, super secret shindig events at the coronet in London, and holding residency for bionic movement hall parties hosted in his home town.
“ i can never beat the pleasure i receive from dropping a tune and seeing people smile and run to the stack shouting lets avit” !!
He still holds a fortnightly radio residency on from 5pm-7pm,
This guy is definitely one to watch across the underground scene! big base lines ,story telling melodies and minimalistic leftfield synths

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