One Eyed God

Blasting out an infectiously ramshackle and raucous wall of sound, One Eyed God are a 5 piece combo and have been a regular fixture on the festival circuit since forming in 2011. Fusing punky ska, reggae and dub with sax driven melodies and balkan bouzouki licks, the music embodies the carnival atmosphere of a festival with lyrics showcasing both life's reality, surreality and absurdity

The band have gained a reputation and following as an energetic live act on the UK DIY festival scene. Their focus on stage craft and performance and their belief that the crowd are as integral to a show as the band is what drives the energy. This hasn't stopped them releasing three studio albums since forming, the last of which was 2015's "The First and Last Freedom", with a new album planned for 2018.

2017 saw many festival highlights including sets at Boomtown Fair, Bearded Theory, Equinox and Feral Fest in the UK, as well as European shows including Earthshaker and Festival le Sun de Porte-Voix.

So get off Facebook (once you've liked the page, of course) and get to your nearest OEG show to bounce like a pogo-stick with ADHD!

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