I am an Accidental DJ that loves music and experimenting with new sounds. I like High quality sound and fresh good music I am from a sound system background with twenty years of DJ experience from vinyl to digital and love them both.
I never planned being a serious DJ but first learnt how to mix in the mid 90s with Techno, Hardcore & Jungle but was not really as interested on being behind the decks as I enjoyed the dance floor much more after traveling the UK and Europe to some of the best clubs and events of the 90s this is where I learnt how a dancefloor should be and with all the tips I picked up on my dance journey I dedicated myself to putting something back into the electronic music scene I loved so much by performing and helping to put on events.
I found myself becoming part of the UK free party movement and was a founder member of the Koalition Sound System in 2002 and started doing events for the next 10 years even when we had a break from putting on events in 2012 as I began to work for my family business but at this time I got much more influenced by the psy trance scene which I had been dipping in and out of over the last 17 years but am now well and truly in love with. Even tho I say every year I will try and base my life around more than just party's I still cant seam to get away from the music and the universe always seems to point me to the decks


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