Frankenstein's Lobster

Monsters of Rock, or at least a monstrosity in a rock pool. The only band that can claim to play Rock Ukulele, and rock bass ukulele, along with the smallest drum kits you will see on a festival or arena stage. The Lobsters have always been about entertainment and having a good time, which may explain that the lead singer, who goes by the name of 'Toss' is often fuelled throughout the gig by pints of scrumpy being passed to him from various audience members. Gary on bass has been known to spontaneously translate the songs he is singing into Cornish just to confuse the rest of the band. Paul the drummer on the other hand has been known to drum so energetically that he has single handedly raised the temperature of the planet by at least 5 degrees.
All of this whilst wearing Viking helmets and kilts, and belting out some classic songs, with the occasional rock Kazoo solo.
The band formed by backing hundreds of other musicians when they were the house band at the infamous Fiery Angel Open Mic nights. This meant if no other musicians played that night they would play for hours on end, with their longest gig to date being five and a half hours with no repeated songs. Gary and Toss claim this is made possible by large amounts of Cider fuelling their system. They have no idea how Paul does it, but then they also have no idea what Universe he is from.

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