Dogshite formed because they wanted to have a laugh and to make music to equal to that of their heroes of old, bands like obscurist indie types the Shapes and Kleenex, mixed with the sound, energy, and political nihilism of classic punk bands like X-Ray Spex, the Slits and Anarcho legends Crass. Not only that, they also wanted to be in a band that actually had something to play for, that weren’t just an insipid excuse for lounge-rock/ vacuous posturing/ sub-rebellious MTV nonsense BECAUSE where are the youth of today when you need them? Aspiring to be in bands that sound like they were manufactured in a hair salon it seems....

Guy Mcaffer (legendary London Techno Producer and ex-festi drop-out from dub-meets-crusty dance pioneers Back To the Planet), and Chris Liberator (notorious Acid Techno DJ also of Anarcho-punk agitators Hagar The Womb, Cold War, and other bands including never-quite-made-it indie types We Are Going to eat You) decided to start a band that hailed back to real punk ideals and attitude circa 77-84, a time when bands really couldn’t play but had a lot of fun trying, a time when you put your own music out on your own or mates labels, organised your own gigs and generally just went for it. After writing 2 songs they recruited budding vocalist and squat-party debutante Carmel (aka Tiddles) and drummer David (from exotic South American country Venezuela) and started playing gigs in London and elsewhere building up a solid following on the London Squat and toilet pub circuit with their humorous brand of agit-pop/ska tinged socially aware anarcho Punk Rock.
Now the band has had a slight change around, Chris has gone back to being a drummer (As he was/is in Hagar The Womb) and have recruited Carl (Back To The Planet Bassist/DJ Trashman) to play Bass.

DOGSHITE have played well received sets at Boomtown Fair(on the Devil Kicks Dancehall stage and on The Invisible Circus stage before that) and Onionfest, Waveform festival, Symmetry festival, Brighton Punx Picnic, Surplus festival, No Man's Land festival, Something Else In The Dean and Something Else Somewhere Else, HedgeUCation, and regularly play for London Squat-Punk kings Reknaw amongst others.

They released their first Limited Edition EP on BEETROOT Records and a further EP and on their own imprint YOUR FACE MY ARSE Records as well as releases on ALL THE MADMEN records and GROW YOUR OWN records.

Dogshite, old enough to know better…..


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