Cosmo Carbon

Cosmo Carbon - DJ/Producer.
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Heavily driven by #psytrance, his sound forges elements from #techno and #progressive genres together into a #psychedelic melting pot. Cosmo Carbon invites you on musical journeys connecting the inspiring, hypnotic depths of the Cosmos to the organic, unstoppable rhythms of your Carbon entity.

Philosophy and Sound
Cosmo Carbon treats every DJ set as a shared journey of emotions felt by every person on the dance floor. Blending and contrasting varied beats and melodies from a carefully curated library sharing cosmic and psychedelic elements; Cosmo Carbon creates a thread of auditory scenes evoking specific emotions to guide you through your experience from Cosmos to Carbon.

Most performances are available online with special "CloudCast" mixes created for online distribution: Dimensions, Spectrums, Injections & Formulas.
- Dimensions are long multi genre sets seeded with ProgressiveHouse/Techno, Trance and Psy-Trance creating a deep inviting current into a blossoming psychedelic experience.
- Spectrums are completely dedicated to all flavours of Techno.
- Injections deliver a more delicate fusion from the progressive spectrums of house, techno and psy-trance.
- Formulas are 100% psychedelic trance.

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