Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss


Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss have been collaborating for well over a decade and have amassed a huge body of work together, releasing on all the major Techno & Acid labels in the Stay Up Forever Collective in recent times, including: Stay Up Forever, Scythe Squadron, Corrosive, Cluster, Hive, Yolk, Wah Wah, Abusive 303, 99.9, Acid Corps and Maximum Minimum, as well as having releases on other labels such as: Djax Up Beats, Sweet Peaks, Teknic, Bordelik and Neuroshocked.  Recently they have supplemented this body of work with a series of high profile remixes, including a rework of the legendary ‘One Night In Hackney’, as well as Acid mixes for notable bands on the underground scene including: China Shop Bull, Sicknote, Tribazik, The Dice and Miss Djax & Patrick DSP.  This has taken their sound into newer territory, paving the way for work on their debut album, planned for release in the near future.


This prolific catalogue of music has lead them to formulate a unique live set which includes the latest and greatest tracks from their ever expanding catalogue, which they have performed in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Canada, throughout Europe and across the UK in recent times.  The performance modulates between hard funky Techno and pure floor-thumping Acid Techno!!


They continue to perform individually as DJ’s across the world, and have been at the top of their game for well over 25 years.



Stay Up Forever releases include 92, 95, 97 and the notorious squat anthem “Croydon Girl” on SUF100 (Part 1).


Releases on Cluster (87 & 90), Yolk (21), Scythe Squadron (07), Bordelik (01), Maximum Minimum (57 & 58), Corrosive (02) and Wah Wah (23) have made a big impact on the scene and cemented Chris & Sterling’s place as the leaders of the ‘new’ new wave of Acid Techno.  More recently as The Wipeouts (with Aaron Liberator), they featured on the first Acid Corps release with a storming Punk

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