Brukout Foundation

Established in 2011, Brukout was an exciting fresh idea by long time friends, Djs and promotors Sam Cross and Ryan Hawkins.
After many years promoting some of the biggest underground dance music events including Kinetic, Project Storm & Surge in Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties, they decided to create a new brand that combined the event promotions, DJing and a monstrous Soundsystem. In 2012 Brukout expanded into releasing music they produced under their DJ/Production name 'Brukout Foundation'. Their first release was supported throughout the scene and was included on the 25 years of Kenny Ken CD. Later releases on the label include the heavyweight ragga jungle track 'Hail The King' by the almighty Dope Ammo and Marvellous Cain, and tracks from fellow Brukout Member 'Johne Bravo'.
2017 saw an expansion yet again, branching out to more artists, producers and the desire to increase involvement of the fans, making Brukout a Drum and Bass community!
Brukout Foundation

After years of promoting events and running soundsystems together, Ryan & Sam joined forces for their love of jungle and dnb. In 2018, Tommo – a friend and long time musical collaborator with Sam – joined Brukout Foundation as its third member.
Ryan began his DJing Career at the age of 16 and was being let in the backdoors of clubs so he could spin records. Ryan went on to become one of Oxford’s key promoters and running the biggest dance events Oxford has ever had. He is known his love and knowledge of soundsystems and entertaining the crowd.
Sam is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. He first picked up a pair of drumsticks at the age of 6 and shortly went on to learn guitar and piano. After discovering drum and bass at 16, it wasn’t long before Sam purchased his first set of 1210s and was spinning records at house parties.
Tommo has been making music with Sam since the age of 14. They spent most of their free time playing with 4 track cassette recorders, Tommo went on to study music technology at university. It was here that he started DJing at various nights and student events. Upon his return to Oxford he became a regular DJ in the local dnb scene, while also playing in a band!

Johne Bravo


Johne is one of the hardest working DJs on the Oxford DNB. He has played for many promoters over his 20 year career. He made his name within Oxford after representing BBL sounds in late 90s/early 2000s. By the mid noughties Johne held residency at New Nation (Slammin Vinyl – One Nation), which were the some of the biggest raves in the country.
Johne continues to fire up the dancefloor, and always has the hottest and baddest tunes in his record box arsenal!

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