Bobby Dazzler B2B DJ Sei JahEI

DJ & Producer from Suffolk mainly focused on underground music & oldskool piano vibes!
DJ history -
Boomtown (Winchester, UK) - 2015 & 2016
Strawberry Fair (Cambridge, UK) - 2015, 2016 & 2017
Frenchtek (Marigny, France) - 2018
International Shakedown (Malaga, Spain) - 2016
Blueprint Festival (Mildenhall, Suffolk) - 2017
Tearout Phase 1, 2 & 3, 5 & 6 (Yarmouth, Bedford, Lowestoft, Northampton) - 2016/2017
Zombie Fest (Mildenhall, Suffolk) 2017
Hidden Village Festival (Peterborough, UK) - 2016
I've also played at the following venues in the UK - The Arena (Yarmouth), Vibe (Bedford), Passion (Lowestoft), The Racehorse (Northampton), Vudu (Norwich), Enigma (Milton Keynes), Phoenix Bar (Northampton), Cafe24 (Peterborough), Curve Bar (Ipswich), KC's (Ipswich), Xcel (Stowmarket), John Peel Community Centre (Stowmarket), Missoula (Colchester), Manor Ball Room (Ipswich), McGinty's (Ipswich), The Jester (Ipswich), Drum & Monkey (Ipswich), The Music Room (Ipswich), Paper Bag Factory (Ipswich), The Attic (Skegness)
For crews such as - Happy Daze, Underground Instincts, Shakedown Audio, Audio Antics, Green Machine, Lost Village, Free The Mind, Elusive Audio, Underground Culture, Tearout, Prog Box, Pandemic, S.A.S, Rewired Minds, Lysergic, Public Liability, Kartoon, SOS & High Energy.
My favourite genres include Breakbeat, Trance, Oldskool Piano, Minimal Techno, Speed Garage, Ragga Drum & Bass, Bassline, Reggae, Hip Hop & Of course a whole lotta' cathedral city ;)
All of my mixes are recorded on either CDJ's or vinyl decks, no virtual DJ malarkey & NO SYNC!!


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