Alexi & The Traveller

Alexi is a Brighton based singer-songwriter, with a love for travel, music and nature. Born in Athens, Greece, Alexi now lives in Brighton, UK and writes and performs all of his own music. Solo, as a Duo,Trio, quartet or a quintet, with Owen Mockford (lead guitar), Molly Alicia Benson (vocals), Nem Hoare (keys and vocals) and Rachel Myall (Vocals) they are known as 'The Traveller'. 

So who are  'The Traveller' ?

They're a collective of Songwriters from all over England who play alongside Alexi at his gigs performing all of his music as well as new tracks they've written together as a group, as well as throwing in their own personal songs to bring something different to the mix. 

Playing together with different musicians and creating new sounds has been one of the most refreshing and exciting ideas Alexi has ever had, ''The Traveller" collaboration has been fantastic right from the start and already 3 new songs have been written this way. With no end in sight for how many new songs will be created a new EP is already taking shape before the release of his hotly anticipated 2018 summer album.

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