AFFIRMATION: Confirmation of the truth of a prior judgement, a solemn declaration instead of a statement under oath.
Multi Genre DJ and Vinylist

Resident Radio DJ at DNBRADIO.

Audio assault comp winner 2017
TWISTED 101 dj comp winner 2018
NEXT HYPE dj comp winner 2018

Freelance graphics designer working across the nation with a speciality in music events.

Affirmation is a Suffolk based music and arts fanatic, boosting a wide and eclectic taste, and a very energetic passionate style of mixing,

....Affirmation steps up to his reputation as a energetic and passionate performer often jumping up and down more than the front row!
He goes by the mantra " do what you love love what you do" and lives up to his name sake by only playing music he can really vibe off, which he would personally argue flows with the "zeitgeist" aka the spirit and energy of the room or in his case the crowd.

Its plain to see whatever the philosophy, if there's people in a room Affirmation will find a way to make them dance!!


Stage When
The Asylum

The Asylum Line up